Limbo, is an ongoing series of cyanotype prints of blemished, irregular, and withered plants and leaves, inspired by the experience of sudden and irreversible change.  The humble plants and leaves I photograph are characters existing in ambiguous time and space, that interact with each other and respond to forces beyond their controlI continue the transformation started by time, weather, and insects through the photographic process using motion blur and selective focus.  Within each composition are juxtapositions intended to represent the precarious balance between dualities and the impact when the balance is lost.   

The subject matter and cyanotype technique I use refer to the tradition of botanical prints dating back to Anna Atkin's work of 1843.  My work diverges from traditional uses of the medium in several ways.  Rather than representing ideal plant specimens for their scientific or aesthetic value I select my subject matter for their imperfections.  Instead of pressing plant material flat against the paper to produce a photogram, I photograph still life arrangements that represent spatial relationships, time, and impermanence.   Those images become digital negatives for making 15"x20" contact prints on hand coated paper that enable me to enlarge the plants and leaves several times larger than life size. I create these images to reckon with transience and loss, to represent the terror and beauty of transition from one state to another.

ConsonanceRemnantElevateOvercomeReleaseEvolve IAwakenEvolve IIEntranceRadiateSustainPresenceStillEvokeAcceptSurrenderSuspendEludeBreatheSurgeGuardianPauseEstrangeFlutterWaver IWaver IIIReproachReflectConverge