As an art history student, I learned that iconic works of art were unique and priceless, to be guarded and venerated like sacred truths.  Now I approach those same paintings as a curious photographer, questioning and dissecting them with each exposure.  The fractured pieces are manipulated and transformed into a remix, a visual palimpsest as one work becomes entwined with another.  The novelty and drama of the remix is seductive and deceptive.

My photographs of old master paintings represent selected facts. The photographs, once liberated from the original artworks are like memories subject to interpretation, distortion and manipulation.  Elements from various paintings are woven into constructed narratives inspired by experiences, dreams, fears and fantasies. The surrealistic tableaux question and subvert the facts of the original images and represent a historic painting that never really existed but tell stories of silent intimidation and manipulation that never cease to exist.  My intention is to create an image that wavers between dualities: painting and photograph, reality and fiction, past and present, true and false.

Each 15”x20” archival pigment print is mounted on a cradled birch panel and covered with layers of encaustic medium that creates a rich, luminous, and irregular surface. The wax and mounting technique provides the digitally manipulated photographs with a tactile and physical presence that evokes the historic artwork that inspired them.

Promised LiaisonsDevoted CreationOminous AnticipationDistracted RevelationsCharming BullyTragic StrategyVicarious VoyagerCyclic DescentDisguiesed ConceitShameful Shadow Oppressive CalmPhantom ArdorVulnerable AbundanceSimultaneous SeductionElegant CalamityCultivated CreaturesSustenance GuardiansTransient Vision