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Secret Art Histories, 2014 - 2016

There are secret stories hidden beneath the sumptuous surface of old master portraits.  The paintings, unchanged for decades, are relics of idealized beauty, wealth and privilege.  The subjects gaze at each other across the museum gallery, isolated by frames, genres, time period.  The modern-day viewer visits the museum and moves fluidly from one gallery to the next.  Pausing, looking, passing by, remembering bits and pieces.  The experience is a visual palimpsest as one work becomes entwined with another.   Inspired by that experience, I appropriate, juxtapose and seamlessly integrate parts of paintings to create an art history remix.  The remix is a fiction that tells a tale of my own invention.

Each 12”x 16” archival pigment print is mounted on a cradled birch panel and covered with layers of encaustic medium that creates a rich, luminous, and irregular surface. The wax and mounting technique provides the digitally manipulated photographs with a tactile and physical presence that evokes the historic artwork that inspired them.